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Phoenix Fitness

Adult dance and fitness classes and Personal Training Studio


We offer weekly Adult Dance and Fitness classes in Halesworth and Saxmundham, as well as an impressive Personal Training suite, for adults who want to work with a personal trainer to reach their goals in a quiet, professional space.

Classes are led by Erin-Lea Murphy, Natasha Cracknell and Nichola Campbell. Natasha Cracknell and Nichola Campbell also offer Personal Training sessions and packages for members and non-members.


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Adult Dance

Weekly classes for Adults in Ballet and Tap dancing. Led by professionally trained and qualified dance teachers, these classes strengthen and tone while improving flexibility and posture. Suitable for beginners and improvers. Dance Shoes available for purchase here.


Weekly Flex and Flow classes that use stretches and strengthening exercises inspired by Yoga, Pilates and dance training. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this class will help to boost mindfulness, improve strength and mobility, relieve tension and help to reduce injury from exercise and life activities. 

Dance Fitness

The original dance party workout - Zumba - is a favourite at @SASPhoenixFitness. Latin beats inspire this workout in disguise that gets everyone raising their heart rate, improving their cardio and dancing away their stress! 

We also have "Decadance" which follows the Zumba format, but has dances from the charts from the 60s - now!

HIIT Fitness

Weekly High Intensity Interval Training sessions - the best way to burn calories, and improve explosive endurance. We have STRONG Nation, a HIIT programme created by Zumba Fitness as well as Tabata and Insanity, that use a varied amount of work / rest timing to push your body to the limit. "Switch Outs" will be shown for all exercises, so everyone can take part and work to their own level.

Silver / Lite

Every week we have a "Silver" circuit, as well as LITE versions of our HIIT classes that are ideal for those young at heart who want to keep fit and agile. These sessions are also ideal for anyone just starting their fitness journey, recovering from injury or post-partum. These classes are low impact with "switch outs" to ensure the class is tailored to each member.


Adding resistance / weights is a great way to improve your health and fitness for all ages. We have Kettlebells and Powerbag classes what use these specific pieces of equipment for the class, but we also use resistance equipment in our circuits and as switch outs in the HIIT classes.